Nebraska Marksmanship Association (NMA)
...promoting shooting sports in Nebraska

Membership Details

PLEASE NOTE: The NMA has begun transitioning its association and operations over to the Nebrabska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA).  This transition will start May 2024 and will continue until completed in late 2024.

The NMA will continue issuing meberships for 2024.

If you wish to join the Nebraska State Association (NMA), you may do so by completing the membership application form and mailing to:

NE Marksmanship Asso (NMA)
PO Box 390311
Omaha, NE 68139

Click here for the form and print:

NMA Membership Application Form

NMA Membership requirements:

  1. The annual fee of $10.00 (required).
  2. Your name (required).
  3. Address (required).
  4. Your NRA Number (required).
  5. Other contact information - e.g. - phone or email* (optional).
  6. Your CMP Number (optional).

You should receive a membership card within 2 to 3 weeks. We ask for your patients, it's somewhat of a manual task to get these done, and there really isn't a "full time staff" process memberships during business hours.  :-)

If you NEED you card sooner that the normal processing time, please email me - Bill, hpinne (the at sign) cox.net

The NMA's membership period is 14 months, from Nov 1 to Jan 10 of the next year.

Example:  the 2014 membership period is: Nov 1, 2013 to Jan 10, 2015.

*We send out announcements via email, so providing your email ensure you will receive communications.  Your email will not go any further than that.  :-)